Horse Begs For Her Owner's Attention. The Reason Why? I Can't Stop Laughing!

 Itches can be so irritating, and the only way to find relief is to scratch them. Every now and then, we get an itch that we just can’t scratch ourselves. For me, it’s the worst when my back gets itchy. I’m just not flexible enough to reach that spot! For these cases, you’ll need the help of others to get rid of them!
That’s just what happened to this tiny horse.
This horse felt a slight itch in an unreachable area – her butt. Yes, this horse’s butt was itchy, and there was only one man who could help relieve her of the itch, her uncle.
While it may look like a typical scenario at the farm, it soon becomes evident that the horse is addicted.  She will chase down her uncle to get him to scratch her butt, even if the itch is gone! She just doesn’t want him to stop!
Watch the video below and see for yourself.
[Source: Youtube]

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