Here's What Happens If You Get Caught Masturbating On NYC Subway

A woman in New York was forced to confront a man she saw trying to publicly masturbate on the subway.

Deanna Carter was riding the train when she spotted a guy sitting across from her who appeared to be playing with himself.

Rather than saying nothing, she decided to get her phone out and confront the man, saying:

Rubbing your dick? What the fuck are you doing? Do it again and I’m gettin’ up out this chair and I’mma bust your fuckin’ ass on this train … you rub your dick when you get off the motherfucking train. Do we fucking understand each other?

The man, who looks very embarrassed to have been busted, nods his head slightly, and Carter tells him to get off at the next stop. She then tells him to ‘Say, ‘I understand you, Miss,”, which he does, before promptly exiting the train.

And according to Mic, incidents of women being harassed on the New York subway are depressingly frequent.

Back in 2010 New Yorker Nicola Briggs confronted a man who exposed himself to her, with that footage also going viral.

The Wall Street Journal also report that the number of sex crimes on the NYC subway have soared by 50 per cent since 2015, with incidents including unwanted touching, upskirt photos and indecent exposure. 

source : unilad

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