Guy's Ex-Girlfriend Wins £61m On Euromillions Just After Dumping Him By Text

 Getting dumped is shit. Getting dumped by text is the absolute pits. There's not a lot you can do other than hope that they regret it and their life spirals into misery without you. Maybe pray that they don't win a fucking fortune on the Euromillions, too, because that would be a dagger to the heart and you'd probably end up even more gutted. Just ask this guy.

Dan White, 21, is currently cursing his luck after his ex-girlfriend's family just scooped £61million on the lottery.

The pair dated for two years, however, she called time on their relationship before she moved to university in Southampton.

Her mum, Sonia, had bought the ticket to celebrate beating cancer and decided to share the jackpot out between her family.
Dan's ex, Courtney Davies, 19, now has £12million quid in her bank and the student just can't stop crying about it. Naturally, his mates are giving him a pretty hard time over it, too. 

"All my mates are savaging me about this - the first I knew of their win was my phone going nuts," he said.

"The boys were all sending me links and jokey Snapchats asking if I was gutted.

"One said: 'How much have you cried since you found out mate?'"

And, to make matters worse, Courtney's sister lives next door to him with her boyfriend so he'll no doubt have to watch them lapping it up now they're rolling in it.

But, he's not bitter...

"She called it off by text which I didn't think was the right thing to do but I wish her all the best even though I won't see any of the money!" he said.

He added: "She could give me a million a year for the two years I went out with her - I wouldn't say no to that."

In your dreams, pal.

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