Grandma Dials Wrong Number After Bad Fall, Lad Still Comes Round To Help

A car salesman from Newcastle recently proved that there are still decent people in this world after rushing to the aid of a grandmother who accidentally rang him following an accident.

Dang Vuong received a call one morning from a distressed elderly woman, who had tried to ring her daughter for help following a slip in her bathroom.

Despite being in work, when the receptionist at Stratstone BMW, Silverlink, Wallsend, forwarded the call through to Dang, he immediately said he'd go round to check if the woman was okay.

"She called our landline and got through to our receptionist, who asked me what to do," he told Chronicle Live. "I said, 'I'll go and make sure she's OK'. At first I thought she was just across the road, it turned out she was about two miles away. I drove over there while our receptionist kept her talking on the phone."
The 34-year-old made his way round to the grandmother's house, entering after knocking and realising the front door was open. The salesman then made sure the pensioner was safe and with her family before returning to work for what he said was a fairly busy day.

He said: "When I arrived, she was in shock more than anything, there was blood on her face and the bath was overflowing. I told her who I was and then scooped her up and put her on the sofa and covered her with a blanket and waited until her carers and family came.

"I would have thought anyone would have done the same, especially with her being an old lady. I didn't even think about doing anything else."

What a man.

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