Girl Has Nightmare After Matching With Olympic Gold Medalist On Tinder

 It’s fair to say that Olympian Joseph Schooling has had an absolute blinder of week.

The 21-year-old made history for his native Singapore by beating his childhood hero Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly race and gaining the country’s first ever Olympic gold medal.

However, despite his super-human talents in the pool, his Tinder game apparently isn’t quite as on point.

He’s one of hundreds of athletes currently active on the dating site (almost certainly putting the record 450,000 condoms which were handed out at the Olympic athletes’ village to good use).

But for whatever reason, Joseph just wasn’t doing it for @sabwow when he matched with her on the dating app back in April.

She deemed the athlete worthy of a swipe to the right, but their conversation petered out pretty fucking quickly.

But hey, at least she managed to even get this far, right?

Nope. Cue all of the regret: 
Life lesson: Reply to every ignored Tinder message you’ve received, just on the off chance they’re an Olympian. 

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