This Less Lethal ‘Alternative’ Bullet Could Save Lives on Both Sides of a Gun

With cops currently being at the spotlight for being accused of using excessive force that have frequently led to senseless shootings, this just might be a more favorable ‘alternative.’

Called ‘The Alternative,’ it is a kind of bullet accessory that makes an actual bullet less lethal, which law enforcement officers can use as another option when dealing with a dangerous situation.

This life-saving invention can give suspects a non-lethal warning by shooting them with an alloy ball that can be attached to a pistol through a plastic bracket and fired using real ammo. It hits a target at roughly 1/5th the speed of an actual bullet. And with the larger round projectile, decreases the likelihood of penetration. It still has the stopping power, but without taking lives. However, it’s still going to hurt like hell.

As one expert would describe it, ‘it’s like a major league baseball player hitting you in the chest with a hammer.’ Still better than dying, right?

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[Source: Youtube]

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