Explorers Make Unbelievable Discovery In Cave Deep Underground

[Source: Youtube]

A group of guys managed to rescue a little girl who’d become lost underground while they explored a network of caves. 

The men were exploring Ape Cave in Mount St Helens, America, when they stumbled across a small girl who’d gotten lost inside the cave by herself.

The guys managed to record their astounding rescue and one of the men, Josh, uploaded it to YouTube, The Daily Star reports.

The video shows the group of adventurous young men trekking through the narrow caverns going so deep into the mountain that Josh actually says: “I don’t think we are meant to crawl this far.”

However as they carry on they find a scared little girl, who’d apparently crawled into the cave without a torch.

The small girl apparently didn’t speak English but Josh claims they could hear her parents calling her name through the cave which convinced her to go with them.

Thankfully they all made it out safe and the girl was reunited with her parents outside the cave.

Those who watched the video were very impressed with the boy’s actions with one saying: “They literally saved that little girl’s life. No one else would have probably crawled back there.”

Well done guys!

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