Ex-Soldier Reveals What Happened To Him From Apparent Area 51 Base

If you believe aliens exist then here is some further proof, after an ex-soldier revealed to the Daily Star that he has had a lifetime of contact with aliens and men in black, who forced him and others to board spaceships.

Then again, if you don't believe aliens exist, then you'll probably think this is all complete bullshit.

Bill Brooks, the man making these claims, joined the army in 1968 and claims he was abducted while serving at the nuclear weapons base near Sennelager, Germany.

The ex-squaddie said he was told the Sennelager base was shared with a group of of American agents from the infamous alien-sighting base Area 51. The 66-year-old claims he was party to a 'mass abduction' when soldiers on the base walked mesmerised into a bright light.
According to Bill, he was held at gunpoint by an agent and forced to follow the other soldiers who were in a 'trance'. Brooks describes the agent as a 'man dressed in black, with chiseled blonde hair, who probably was American, wearing a little blue patch on his right sleeve'. Eerie.
He also claims he was also subjected to a series of mind-control experiments in the army at a secret government military base near Salisbury. Apparently he was fed a mysterious substance on a sugar lump, which he believes was LSD, and began to have psychedelic episodes.

Whatever your thoughts on his claims, Brooks is cashing-in on all this in a new book called 44: Based on an Ex-Soldier's True Story of Life-Long Encounters Involving Alien Abduction. A windy title if ever there was one. It was co-authored by 'alien expert' Joanne Summerscales. Her work is focused on helping people who claim to have had alien encounters or to have undergone mind control experiments. She said: "His whole life is incredible. The most amazing thing is someone can live two thirds of their life, until they are 44, without realising what has happened to him. "It was like a near death experience, he saw every detail of these things that happened to him, and it seemed to come out of nowhere." What do you reckon lads, do you think this bloke has encountered aliens, or did he just do too much acid?

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