Every Morning, Mom Makes Coffee And Waits For HIM. Keep Your Eyes On The Kitchen Window...

 While they both have troubled pasts, circumstances found a way to unite two different beings. And a beautiful friendship, love, and bond emerged.
By the time Phyllis Olson saw the Arabian stallion named Shag-Ra, she was about to lose hope on both love and life. She had just fled an abusive environment. Her husband abused her, and she needed a divorce. The trauma caused her to become an alcoholic as she used alcohol as an outlet to getaway from real life. Eventually, she was arrested and put in jail.
 Jail turned out to be a turning point in her life. While there, Phyllis was allowed to visit a farm using a day pass. On her outings, she met a 3-year-old Arabian stallion named Charlie Brown. The horse had been abused just like Phyllis in the past, and she couldn’t stop thinking how similar the two were. She quickly fell in love with Charlie Brown, and she made her lifelong dream to own a horse.
When she was finally free, she took the $300 she earned prison and spent it all on Charlie Brown. She renamed him Shag-Ra.
 Phyllis brought Shag-Ra with her to her farm in Canada. She called it “God’s Little Acre.” It took a friendship and bond with a horse to change Phyllis’s life. From that moment onwards, she stopped drinking alcohol and regained happiness in her life.
She says, “All it took was the love of a horse.”
Watch the video below to learn more about their incredible relationship!
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