The Doctor Presses On The Breech Baby. No Watch Mom's Belly Start To Move... WOW!

The scariest thing an expecting mother can hear is that there are complications with the pregnancy. While most babies are born healthy, once in a while there can be trouble. One such complication is when the baby is breech at full term. A breech baby is one who is facing with their feet towards the uterus where normally they would be in a head-down position. Why is this a concern?

When a baby is breech, there is a possibility a cesarean section might need to be performed. But before such an invasive procedure is done, doctors will usually try to turn the baby around while it's still inside the mother.

Jess Muckleston arrived at Royal Sussex Hospital 36 weeks into her pregnancy. The doctors determined her baby was breech and they'd perform an external cephalic version. The procedure can be very uncomfortable so naturally, Jess was nervous.

The doctor began the procedure by massaging the expecting mother's stomach. Then he attempts to turn the baby into the head-down position. A few minutes later they check on the baby using an ultrasound.

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