We’ve Been Waiting For The Day Green Energy Becomes A Reality, And That Day Is Here

If you’re anything like me, then you understand just how nice it could be if we could just stop polluting our atmosphere with harmful chemicals and went all green instead. It’s not the vegetable green,but rather in terms of energy. It means that we can harvest clean energy from nature in a way that doesn’t kill us all in the end, and solar energy becomes a good pick in that case.

In that line, one American couple, Julie and Scott Brusaw, has made steps towards just that. Their company, Solar Roadways, advocates for a nice idea whereby roads can be blanketed with solar panels, getting rid of the less secure power grids. In fact, this good method would ensure a surplus energy resource!

And it’s getting noticed. This company came into the limelight during their IndieGoGo campaign to raise capital. They even got more than they asked for. Currently, the Department of Transportation in Missouri is interested in the project, and that’s good news.

This venture is bound to gain a lot of traction in time. It’s the future!

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