David Schwimmer's Rap Takedown Of James Corden Was So Savage It Was Banned From TV

It has been revealed that David Schwimmer's original lyrics for his televised rap battle with James Corden in May were 'too harsh' for TV.

Ben Winston the executive producer of the Late Late Show revealed that unlike many other featured celebrities, the former Friends star sent his own rhymes to the Late Late Show, for the now-infamous Drop The Mic section

Talking at the Edinburgh Literary Festival, Winston explained: "[David] told us: "I'm going to take Corden down". He emailed it to us and it was quite harsh.

"When James heard about it he said it was amazing, and then as he read it his heart sank."

That said, the actual rap Schwimmer delivered was still fairly brutal.
[Source: Youtube]
He spit fire, saying: "A Brit in America is your one claim to fame. We all know as an actor your roles were all the same - the heavy best friend, the humorous sidekick with a belly so big you can't find your own."

James Corden had previously kicked off the rap battle by dissing Schwimmer, saying: "Millennials let me introduce you to this guy, his name is David he was famous back in '95'.

Australian actress Rebel Wilson also got in the mix too.

"Enough of this crapping, why the hell do you want to hear two white men rapping?' she spat. "Im the Rebel MC, I'm crackalackin'. I come packing boobs show these dudes what they're lacking.

"David, your career, it's a huge mistake, it's like Ross and Rachel, it's on a break. All jokes aside man I think you're great. I'm your biggest fan when I was eight."

Fair play, although part of me wishes they'd let Schwimmer use his own lyrics.

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