Cop Hides To Stare At Kids Playing. But When You See What He's Holding? Unbelievable...

I currently live in an apartment without central air conditioning and just a couple of fans in my room to keep me cool at night. They’re not the most effective way to battle the summer heat, but definitely better than nothing.

Still, I often find myself remembering when I was a kid and would run through sprinklers, splash around in kiddie pools, and have fun with all the other neighborhood youngsters. Don’t you just wish you could go back to that time and enjoy the carefree days of summer again?

Recently, a group of grown-ups you wouldn’t really expect decided to do just that, as they joined in with a group of friends playing in their front yard. The officers of Dixon, IL, gave the kids a run for their money as they hilariously battled against them with water guns, sharing all the hi-jinx on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It reminds me of Officer Tommy Norman from Little Rock, AR, who always makes sure to let his youngest citizens know he’s got their back, even if that means dancing around and acting goofy now and then.

I love knowing that there are so many more amazing cops just like him who put an emphasis on community bonding throughout their daily patrols.

The children clearly appreciate the playful competition showing up, as they run around and giggle while trying to soak their uniforms with as much water as they can squeeze through their toys!

Take a look to see the heartwarming moment below.
[Source: Youtube]

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