The Helmet Camera Reveals What It Means To Be A Firefighter.

As for me, the bravest individuals I know are the emergency medical experts, police officers and the firefighters. I consider this people very special since they always put their lives at risk so that they can save the lives of other people. My mum was a medical emergency specialist and regardless of the fact that she improved her skills every time during an emergency, her work never became any safe instead it remained to be dangerous.

When this comes to my mind I feel very sorry for my mother though I understand thiswould be her calling and she has to save peoples lives’ outside there. It is for this reason that I consider this video to be very special. As I grew up I used to hear frightening stories about firefighting though I never witnessed any.

Using this camera on the helmet of this fire fighter, one can actually tell how brave because of the risk heis subjected to. We also get to know that a fire fighter has to make wise decision within a very short time. This work needs a sharp thinker to save someone’s life. In this clip, the fire fighter involves himself in three rescues.

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