Cara Delevingne Obliterate Dave Franco And James Corden In Rap Battle

James Corden hosted a rap battle on Wednesday night’s Late Late Show with three contenders: Cara Delevingne, Dave Franco, and the host himself.

The trio stepped into the ring and held nothing back, making for the show's most brutal battle yet.

'Rapper' Cara Delevingne, or, as she was introduced on The Late Late Show last night, "the unstoppable, unfloppable Cara Delevingne," is a new entity that should definitely be on your radar.

They all delivered, but it was Delevingne who walked away as the battle’s clear victor. Her line “You’re both shorter than me and I think that you’ll find / I’ve hooked up with hotter girls than both of you combined.” totally annihilated them both.

Check out the full video below.

[Source: Youtube]

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