Boy Walks Into A Police Station With A Brown Paper Bag. Look At What The Note On It Says...

Kids from all over the country prepared one sweet treat for police officers at the Holliston Police Department. While it’s not Christmas, they showed up officers 30 presents. They called these gifts “survival kits”.
 The little packages were filled with candies and chocolates like Hershey’s Kisses and Paydays. With every candy came a poem that tells what it symbolizes.
“Payday – since you’re not doing it for the money,” one candy said.
Another one read, “Lifesaver – to remind you of the many times you have been one.”
Not only did the officers enjoy the survival kits. They were also treated with a delicious potluck lunch, thanks to the kind and generous families who contributed.
Touched by people’s kindness and thoughtfulness, Officer Kelly McKethan said, “Just to think that people actually took time out of their day to do this for us means a lot.”
In a time where the public perception of our police force has been damaged, it’s important to realize that there are plenty of officers out there with proper morals and values. We shouldn’t let a few bad apples tarnish these good officers’ reputations! There are still plenty of men and women proud to wear a badge!
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