Boomer Phelps Lights Up Internet With Adorable Olympic Outfits To Support Dad Michael.

Michael Phelps won another medal on Tuesday night, which is almost ordinary by now as it was his 20th Olympic gold. This incredible athlete has shown time and time again what he is capable of, but this year he has a competitive advantage… His son Boomer is the best cheerleader a dad could ask for.

The little guy is only 3-months-old, but he’s already supporting is pappa decked out in gold booties and the red, white, and blue. While Phelps continues to dominate what may be his last Olympic games, his adorable little boy is quickly stealing the limelight.

Check out the cuteness!

1.Before Rio, the two got to spend some quality time together.

2.Since then, little Boomer's been all about the USA.

3.I'm ready to see some more fast swimming!! Go get em daddy!!!

4.Thanks for sharing your gold medal with me dad!!! I love you!

5.Way to go daddy!!!!

6.I'm ready to go after my daddy "re" retires.

7.All the cuteness sure will tucker a kid out. Keep supporting your pappa Boomer!

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