At Only 15 Years Old, He Weighed 707 Pounds… When You See Him Today!

#1 Dealing with weight problems

Jacob Miller has had problems with his weight ever since he can remember.

 #2 Since an early age

As you can tell, he was a large boy since very young.. but then things got worse.

#3 Out of control

He had an eating disorder which turned worse in his teenage years.

 #4 Medical help

His parents didn't know what to do anymore and went to seek help from physicians.

#5 Surgery

Due to his very high Body Mass Index, Miller had to undergo a surgery to help him get rid of a lot of weight and reduce his very high risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

#6 Great patient

He took his surgery very seriously, and even lost 77lbs before the procedure!

#7 Not over yet

The surgery helped him a lot, as shredding a significant amount of abdominal fat reduced his risk of diabetes significantly. He knows this will be a long process, but he is already going in the right direction.

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