An Angry Sidechick Texts A Wrong Number And It's Hilarious

#1 Side Chick Vs The "Girlfriend."

A side chick became pregnant after sleeping with another woman's boyfriend.

#2 The Guy's Sudden Disappearing Act.

When the cheating boyfriend refused to discuss the pregnancy with the side chick, she tried to reach out to his girlfriend.

#3 Then This Happened.

The side chick began texting her woes to the "girlfriend." One problem though: she had the wrong number.

#4 Funny Or Cruel?

Instead of telling the pregnant side chick she made a terrible mistake, the person on the other end engaged her. A lot.

 #5 Trolling Sesh.

The prankster trolled her into a frenzy, using images to make his point.

 #6 She Finally Realized Her Mistake.

And it certainly did take her long enough, don't you think?

#7 How It Ended.

The prankster slammed her with a few more insults, and then uploaded the entire convo to Imgur.

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