Abandoned stray with matted hair is found. After a 9 hour haircut, he's completely unrecognizable

 It’s incredible what a haircut can do to change your look – especially when you haven’t had one in a while.
 It’s impossible to know just how long this little tangled mess had to go between haircuts – or if this one was his first ever.
It took a while to find a dog under all that fluff. After being rescued, it took NINE HOURS to shave off the years of matted hair weighing the poor guy down. Thanks to the determined vets and a few dozen pairs of clippers, this beautiful pup was unearthed from a mountain of fuzz.
 Underneath all that matted fur was an adorable little fluffball – although you never would have been able to see that smile underneath the layers of hair. Animal Planet originally posted video of this incredible makeover, which The Dodo turned into a fantastic clip you can watch below.
 It can be disheartening to think about all the strays that have to live without proper care and medical attention, but it’s important to spread love for dog owners with the compassion to help pups like these.
Every dog deserves a second chance, and underneath a rough exterior you can often find adorable, loving puppies like this one.
In the incredible video below, you can see the amazing transformation for yourself – with all that extra fur, they could make at least two more respectably-sized dogs!
[Source: Youtube]

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