A 71-Year-Old Wallet Was Found In A Movie Theater. Just Wait Until You See Who It Belongs To

There aren't too many feelings worse than the sudden realization that you've lost your wallet. Replacing it is no fun, especially if you think that your lost one may be in the hands of someone you don't know. We hold out hope that a good Samaritan will return it, but unfortunately, that's often not the case. If a wallet is missing for more than a few days, it's best to give up hope and start canceling the cards left inside.

Finding a lost wallet requires a stroke of luck, but finding a wallet that's been lost for 71 years? That is about as likely as hitting the lottery. But for Clare McIntosh, that is exactly what happened. It occurred at the Talent Factory Theater in Iowa, a theater that has been around since the early 1920s and was in the process of being renovated. While tearing apart the old floorboard, an employee noticed something strange sticking out. Once he picked it up, he realized it was an old wallet. Once he saw how old, though, he was left in total shock.

Papers in the wallet dated back to 1944 and rations from the war were found inside. The owner of the theater found a handwritten ID in the wallet, claiming it belonged to a man by the name of Clare McIntosh, whose telephone number was eight. Yes, just the number eight. Luckily, 71 years later, Clare was still alive and well, and more than happy to stop by and pick up his long-lost wallet. Hopefully he'll keep a better eye on it this time.

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