It’s 6 Months Since Céline Dion Lost Her Husband. This Is What She’s Experiencing In Life…

Life is easy or hard depending on how much support you get from those around you. You always feel that maybe life could be a little easy as long as you have the support of your loved ones. However, when they are gone, even the thought of their absence can be heart breaking. You have to think of all the good things you used to do together. The absence of their support comes in knocking and anything they used to do for you, you realize you have to do it yourself. It therefore takes a while to adjust to your new experience. It is however a little bit easy when you have other family members by your side when you go to sleep and when you wake up.

In the video below, that is what happened to Celine Dion after she lost her husband to cancer. She thought life was at its worst for her. Just shortly afterwards, her brother also died of a similar cancer. Since then, her determination to live has taken a new perspective. And is not just her, it is the same with her children.

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