Homeless man asks cashier what he can buy with 50 cents. His response will make you cry.

When a homeless man entered a Burger King outlet in San Antonio, Texas, USA, and asked what he could buy with his 50 cents, the young man at the counter, Matthew Resendez, did not hesitate to offer the man a hearty meal and paid for it out of his own pocket.

After swiping his own debit card, he gave the man a receipt and treated him just like every other paying customer.

He did not announce his deeds to his companions but simply told the homeless man to relax, take a seat, and enjoy his meal – but the kind deed did not go unnoticed.

A woman who had witnessed Matthew’s generosity gave him a whopping $100 tip! Not only that, this woman also wrote Burger King to commend the young man for his actions.

Young Cashier Receives Huge Tip, Earns Praise after Paying for a Homeless Man’s Meal with Own Money
Michelle Resendez
Matthew’s proud mom, Michelle Resendez, couldn’t help but post the encounter on social media. The post quickly went viral and was picked up by Facebook page, Love What Matters, where it also became a phenomenal success.

Homeless man asks cashier what he can buy with 50 cents. His response will make you cry.
Michelle Resendez
Matthew’s mom post on Facebook:

Proud mom moment! Matthew worked this evening and a homeless gentlemen walked in the restaurant with .50 cents and asked if there was anything on the menu he could buy. Matthew asked him what he would order if he could and the man said anything would help his hunger pains. So Matthew rung him up for a hearty meal and then used his own debit card to pay for the mans meal. He handed him the receipt and told him to relax and take a seat. The story could end there and It would be a happy ending, but apparently a women watched my son during his random act of kindness. Not only did she write the company to let them know about the caring employee they had working for them, she also rewarded my son with a very generous tip! So proud to be his mom and I can pat myself on the back knowing that I've played a part in raising this big hearted young man.

Indeed, kindness and generosity still lives in the hearts of many people, even the younger generation who has gained a rather sad reputation of being selfish.

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