Daughter Comes Out Of Tunnel Slide Crying, Mom Is Disgusted By What She Finds Inside ...

As technology's presence continues to grow in our schools and homes, parks and playgrounds remain an ever-popular destination for parents and their kids. In these environments, children can socialize, explore nature, and play. When one mother took her daughter to their local park, however, she discovered something dangerous instead.

 Amy Smith with her two-year-old daughter Demi-Mai

Amy Smith never thought that taking her daughter to the playground would end so horribly. She happily watched her daughter enter the playground's plastic slide, but was shocked to the core by what happened next.

WARNING: the image below may be upsetting to some readers.

When Amy's daughter, Demi-Mai, emerged from the slide, her leg was covered in blood. Someone had intentionally placed a shard of glass inside of the playground slide in order to hurt any children who may attempt to use it. Her daughter was left with a bad cut and pieces of glass still embedded in her leg. Mother and daughter alike were left deeply hurt and confused by the accident.

Since this traumatic experience, Amy and her daughter have not yet been back to the playground. While Demi-Mai is thankfully making a full recovery at home, Amy is dedicating herself to telling other parents about her experience. She urges all parents to check playground equipment before allowing their children to play on it, because no parent should experience what she did that day.

Amy added: "I hope by bring what happened to people's attention then it might help other parents avoid their children getting hurt."

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