World War 3 Could Break Out 'Overnight' Warns Military Experts

 A startling new report has suggested that World War Three could be imminent as both Russia and NATO mass their forces in the Baltic states.

The troubling warning comes from the Atlantic Council, a think tank, and was written by former special adviser to Poland’s foreign minister, Maciej Olex-Szczytowski, and British general Sir Richard Shirreff

Both NATO and Russia have sent troop and weapons to the Baltic region with The Daily Star reporting Russia’s deployed nuclear missile launchers along its border.

 The Atlantic House warns: “the West misunderstands Russia, assuming that it will obey the rules even if we are not willing to enforce them.”

They fear that Russia could declare war overnight, deploying quickly and cutting off key member of the alliance.

The report, titled Arming for Deterrence, states that this would have ‘potentially devastating implications for eastern Poland and fatal consequences to the Alliance’.

 In the past few months Russia’s carried out a high-profile military drills and it’s suspected that this may be a cover for true conflict troop movements which would give Russia the speed it needs to beat NATO.

The report reads:

Turning one of these exercises into an operation against one or several of the Baltic states would give very little or no early warning time for NATO.

The relationship between the West and Russia has deteriorated recently with Putin warning he would mobilise his armies to fight American, British and NATO forces in the Baltic.

Meanwhile Canadian spies have claimed Russia’s preparing for war and the  former soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned that NATO was at risk of going to war with Russia.

Finally the report recommends that NATO bolster defences in Poland in an effort to curtail Russian aggression.

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