Woman Gets Disgusting Revenge On Office Food Thief

 Last year I worked six months for a large town’s newspaper, and in the office, some coffee crazed maverick had the orgasm of all coffee companions – hazelnut milk. 

And yes, I was the bastard that for six months straight would top my Americano off with more than a drizzle of his incredibly tasty milk.

Fortunately for me, I escaped justice (so far as I know), but one prolific coffee creamer thief didn’t escape that easily.

 So picture the scene, you’ve been enjoying some woman’s coffee ‘creamer’ for weeks on end – something you think she isn’t onto.

And then, according to the Daily Mail, one morning, our unsuspecting thief went to get his typical morning brew only this time there was a note written on the bottle.

 In case you can’t see it clearly, the note read:

Good morning! To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week … surprise!!! You’ve been drinking my BREAST MILK.

Hope you enjoyed. Cheers! —B.

P.S. it’s organic. So no worries 🙂

And that right there is yet another reason why you should put your co-worker’s milk, lunch, or fruit right back where it belongs and act like you never even knew it was there.

For others, however, it might already be too late – you could’ve been drinking breast milk for years.

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