White doe gives birth to brown fawn, but there's an even better surprise coming moments later

The birth of any newborn is a beautiful moment, but is hardly ever caught on footage. However, the birth of a couple newborn deer is caught on footage. One day on a deer farm, one woman was casually walking around, stopping by her mother deer to make sure she was okay. At first, the mother deer appeared motionless on the ground. She looked tired, but at an instant, it was clear that she was giving birth!
The camera was not able to capture the first birth, but the first of the two newborn deer was a brown buck fawn, who was quickly nurtured by the mother. The interaction between the mother and newborn deer was adorable to watch, as the newborn quickly ran over to lay on the mother for support.
Soon after, as the first newborn deer is being cleaned and nurtured, it appears as if the mother deer is giving birth again! The mother lays down and slowly begins to gives birth. After minutes of labor, there comes out a second newborn deer, which is a beautiful white buck fawn.
The two beautiful newborn deer recognize one another and get closer together with the mother, showing the start of a new family.
Although the video may be hard to watch, you can’t help but appreciate the moment captured on footage.
Watch the video below!
[Source: Youtube]

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