When Born They Were Given A Slim Chance To Live. Wait Until You See What They Look Like Today

 Many people know the term Siamese twins, a name given to two babies who are born with their heads stuck together in such a way that has them share a body in a sense.  The more proper and medically accurate term is known as conjoined twins, and such a condition only happens to fewer than 1,000 people are year in the United States, but still occurs nevertheless.

It is extremely hard for conjoined twins to make their way through life, which is why there are complex surgical operations that have been developed to separate the twins as soon as possible.  Though risky, it means a new shot at life for them.

 This pair of conjoined twins is one of the rarest in the world, not because of the fact that they are conjoined, but because of the fact that they were born with a sister as well, making them a type of trio or triplets, though two of them were conjoined.  The two that were stuck together were born first, then five minutes later the other sister came out.

Depending on what type of conjoined twins the pair is, the surgery that is required to separate them can range from extremely easy to extremely difficult to almost impossible, but luckily for these two there was a shot at success, so they chose to take the risk.

There was a huge scare for the family and other members involved, but Mackenzie and Macy Garrison were some strong fighters that made it through the operation healthy and alive.

The two were successfully separated, and then this photo was taken soon after the operation had taken place, showing their new smiling faces, and yet they are still so close to each other like they always had been.
 The pair was given some prosthetic limbs and physical therapy to teach them how to walk properly, and soon they will even be riding their own horses!

Having a third triplet sister is also interesting for them.  Even though the other two were born a bit sooner, the third sister is significantly larger than the other two due to the birthing situation.

While they were together, Mackenzie and Macy would be together in everything they did, and would even comfort each other.  Their parents would remember them even sucking on each other’s thumbs to comfort themselves.  Now, they are still together making their way through life every step of the way.

As they grow older, they will always have that strong sibling bond plus something else so special that they will be able to hold dear to them, though they will be facing some physical difficulties as they progress through life.

They can now say they are part of the rarest birthed set of children in the world though, which certainly garners them some bragging rights.  Its incredible that they are all healthy and happy now, and people are more than excited to see them take off in life.
If you want to learn more about the triplets, check out the Discovery Channel video about them below and let us know what you think of the trio down in the comments!
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