NYC Passerby Answer “What’s Your Biggest Regret?” and the Results are Stunning

A group of New Yorkers opened up the most intimate parts of their lives to the world by writing their deepest regrets on a blackboard in a park, before erasing them away in a powerful new video.”

The question: “What’s your biggest regret?”

You’d think that answers would run on a completely different basis, as everyone has something individual going on in their lives, right? But as time went on, and more and more responses accumulated, a theme appeared.

The majority’s grouping laid not with what people had done, but rather what they had not done. Evey person, in some form or another, all used the word “Not.” Examples include “Not applying to med school,” or “Not saying ‘I love you.'”

It’s a sad reality.

The message behind this social experiment encourages a feeling a confidence. It reminds us that there are always going to be new opportunities which we won’t need to regret… if we take the chance.

    “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we didn’t have, and the decisions that took us too long to make.”

The lesson here is clear: you will always most regret the thing you never tried to do.  So don’t miss out. Go. Try. Do!

Let’s avoid regret today. Share the video below to spread inspiration of taking leaps in life!

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