Westboro Baptist Church Is Pokémon GO Gym And It's Getting Trolled Hard

 It appears something as glorious as Pokémon Go is not even safe from the hatred of the Westboro Baptist Church.

You might remember them as ‘The Most Hated Family In America’ from a couple of Louis Theroux documentaries or, in summary, the hateful assholes who like picketing soldiers funerals and claiming that everyone bar them are fags and are obviously on a one-way ticket to hell.

 The latest example of their pure evil was in their attempts to protest the funerals for victims of the Orlando shooting, but instead got totally owned.

But this time they’re in a brand new battle, a Pokémon battle. By now we’re sure you’ve at least heard of Pokémon GO or currently treading your way through a piss-stained alleyway in your pursuit of a Psyduck.

Well, some genius Pokémon trainer has decided to epically troll the hate group by tagging their church based in Topeka, Kansas as a gym and claim it as their own.

A trainer called ‘Pinknose’ claimed the church for a pink Clefairy named LoveisLove, a popular phrase for the LGBT rights movement.

So, in response, Westboro Baptist Church then took swift action to reclaim the gym and bizarrely decided to recruit Jigglypuff. Because, why not?

Speaking to USA Today, Church elder Steve Drain said:

We try to speak whatever language is being spoken. Pokémon Go and sin no more. That’s what the lord Jesus Christ said. This little church, as despised and vilified as we are, the location of this church will be memorialised throughout eternity. We’re willing by God’s grace to say that homosexuality is wrong, and that’s what we’ve been known for, even though we preach the whole counsel of God.

Riiight. But despite saying they want to use Pokémon Go in the name of Jesus Christ, they still condemned the game.

“EVERYTHING, real or virtual, enables proud sin in america. That’s a sign of DOOM! #PokemonGo,” they tweeted.
Can’t these guys just fuck off already and leave Pokémon Go (and everyone else for that matter) alone? 

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