VIDEO: 21 High Schoolers Jumped Into A Hotel Pool. Now Keep Your Eyes Towards The Top Of The Screen

When you think about a bunch of high school kids hanging out in a pool, the first thought that comes to mind is trouble. They’re probably looking to play a prank or do something dangerous to impress each other.
But when these kids got in the pool, something different happened. Why? Because the majority of these high schoolers are members of the esteemed Stillwater Concert Choir.

According to the other guests who were blessed to witness the magic that day, the high schoolers were just relaxing in the water when they spontaneously broke out into song.

The clip captured the incredible moment while the choir kids sang their hearts out for the unexpecting guests watching from the balcony.
As the video description reads, “The acoustics were perfect for them to sing F. Melius Christiansen’s ‘O Day Full of Grace.’”
Since the video was uploaded to YouTube in April 2015, it has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.
How awesome is this moment?
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