Urban Dictionary's Definition Of 'Doing A Boris' Is Outstanding

Urban Dictionary can often be the go to place to find quintessential definitions to words and phrases.
In my opinion it's far more useful than the Oxford English Dictionary, because, honestly, I wouldn't have a clue what Te'oing is without it.
Now, there is a new entry on Urban Dictionary, explaining what it is to do 'a Boris'.

The definition comes after Boris Johnson's decision to not stand for leader of the Conservative Party, after helping to convince 51.9 percent of Brits to vote Leave in the EU Referendum.
It's basically the act of getting so far with something, and then totally binning it off.
For example, Raheem Sterling did 'a Boris' at Euro 2016.
'I'm going to try my best at the Euros.
'Nah, in fact, I'm going to Boris it'. - Raheem Sterling, June, 11, 2016.
Words by Mark McGowan
Featured image credit: PA

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