Toddler Cradles His Little Sister. When He Does THIS - Even Mom Can't Believe Her Eyes

 Whenever baby announcements are made, kids don’t always like the news. Most of the time, they worry a lot because they are scared that all the attention of their parents will be diverted to the new baby but that thinking will eventually change.
Just watch how this brother serenaded her baby sister with Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful.”
 In the clip, the older brother belts out the hit song “You Are So Beautiful” as his sister lays in his lap. At one point, he was even gently caressing the face of his sister. It’s as if he was really serenading someone special. By the looks of his sister’s face, she is clearly loving it.
 When he finally finishes the song, he’s delighted to see his sister smile.
“Awwww, she smiled,” he says. Then, he gave her sweet kisses.
The boy’s gestures were too cute for words. There’s no doubt in my mind – he’ll grow up to be a wonderful and caring brother. His sister is so lucky!
[Source: Youtube]

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