Tiny Ballerina Follows Mommy Onstage - Don't Take Your Eyes Off Her Feet

Being a mother of two young children can test any woman - but Bree Hafen takes her role as a stay-at-home mom seriously, which means her dream of becoming a professional dancer always comes second. Now Bree has the chance to show the world her talent on the hit show "So You Think You Can Dance."
 Surprisingly, her impressive dance moves are only part of the reason the judges fall in love! Her two adorable kids are welcomed to the judges platform to see their skilled momma kill it on the dance floor with her mesmerizing routine! It's no wonder she's invited to the next round of the competition - everyone wants to see more of her children as well her graceful dance style.
Even though he's not normally the softy of the group, Nigel expresses his true admiration for the determined mom, saying, "Of the sugary sweet things with the kids and everything, I've got to say at the end of it, you are a very, very good dancer!" We can't wait to see what Bree has to offer the world!
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