This Talented Makeup Artist Can Transform Herself Into Any Celebrity

Lucia Pittalis Makeup

Lucia Pittalis is an Instagram artist who has been lighting the image-sharing site on fire with her complete-transformation makeup jobs. She uses her skills to turn herself into celebrities and characters from famous movies.

 Blues Brothers

Pittalis could easily pass as Jake Blues in this photo. What a great piece of art inspired by a great movie.


Pittalis won't be drawing "first blood" with this awesome Rambo makeup job. She will be drawing aging lines, though.

 Hulk Hogan

Pittalis looks just like the "Real America" Hulk Hogan in this great makeup job. Let's just hope she isn't as racist.


Say hello to my little friend. My "little friend" being Pittalis, of course.

 Dr. Frankenstein

This is a great make up piece to honor a great movie. Gene Wilder is hilarious in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein.

 The Godfather

Full disclosure: I've never seen The Godfather. Is there actually a character called "the Godfather" in the movie? Let me know in the comments.


This Rambo makeup job became a Rocky makeup job so fast that I didn't even notice. Yo, Adrian! Pittalis did it!

 Iggy Pop

This makeup job really has a "lust for life." Get it? That's the name of one of Iggy Pop's songs.

 Queen Of England

Is that Lucia Pittalis or the Queen of England? Oh, it's Pittalis. My mistake.

 Keith Richards

To finish off this makeup job of Keith Richards, Pittalis covered herself in whiskey. Richards is a drunk, you see

 Murder She Wrote

This is Pittalis as Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote. That show was popular among 
grandmothers, and with adolescent boys waiting for Monday Night Raw to begin.

 Black Sabbath

Everybody climb aboard the "Crazy Train" for this Tony Iommi makeup. Did she paint the sunglasses on for this?

 Bette Davis

Now she's made up to look like film starlet Bette Davis. You remember Bette Davis? From the 1952 movie The Star?

 Jack Sparrow

This Jack Sparrow makeup is very impressive, but why is the rum gone? Someone please answer this question.

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