This Pokemon GO Hack Has 'Found Mew's Location'

Just last week, Nick Johnson made history after he became the first person in the world to ‘Catch Em All’ on Pokémon Go. Or did he?

Nick, who walked a mind-numbing 153 kilometres in search of the 142 Pokémon Go characters, made headlines across the globe with his accomplishment, but in the original television series there were 151 characters, not 142, reports Elite Daily.

So did Johnson really catch ’em all? Nope. But where are the others?

 Well, three of the others – Mr Mime, Kangaskhan, and Farfetche’d – can only be found outside of the U.S, but as for the other six, nobody really knows where they are  – which poses two gargantuan questions to the undiscovered realms of Pokémon Go.

  1. Do they exist?
  2. And if they do, where are they?

The answer to question one has already been found – yes, they definitely exist, and we know this because people with far too much time on their hands have searched through the coding of the game and found that all six of them are embedded in the game’s data.

But as for question two, well shit gets complicated – and thus this theory was born. You might want to get on your reminiscent thinking caps, or as Proust would advise – have a Madeleine cake.

 I’ll cut to the chase. Nobody has any idea where Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Ditto or Mewtwo are, but people, somewhere, have a pretty damn good idea where Mew is.

Now, if you’re like the other 99 per cent of the universe at the minute, and if you’ve clicked on this article, chances are you’ve got – and play – Pokémon Go so you should know that the people behind the app enjoy placing characters in their own specific habitats.

For example, you’re far more likely to catch a Magikarp or a Goldeen close to the Hudson River than you are in a Starbucks on the other side of the world.

 By this logic, we could expect to find Mew where Mew was originally located.

If we head down memory lane, you’ll remember that the most popular versions of the original Pokémon game were the red and blue ones for the Game Boy.

And if you have some serious memory power, then you’ll recall visiting the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island where an old Pokémon researcher used to live.

In the mansion lies a specific journal that players can read which contains all the details you need to know about Mew: 

 As you can see, the records state that Mew is a native of Guyana – ‘deep in the jungle’.

So chances are, Mew can be found in ‘deep in the jungle’ of Guyana – which is one hell of a long way to go for a Pokémon.

So if you really want to catch ’em all then you better hop on the next flight to South America.

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