This Is What Drinking Coca-Cola Does To Your Penis

How much cola do you drink in an average week? If it's any more than a few litres you could be doing some serious damage to your meat and two veg.

As if the threat of tooth decay or sugar addiction wasn't enough, a new study has found that drinking a litre of cola a day can reduce your sperm count by up to 30%.

A litre is a lot, granted, but it doesn't change the fact cola is doing some damage to your swimmers.

Plus we've all got that one mate who drinks ways too much coke so you may want to direct that person this way if they haven't already seen. And, let's be clear, I mean coke the drink, not the drug. I don't need a gazillion coke users utterly perplexed at why this is relevant to them in the comment section.

Anyway, a study of 2,554 young men at the Copenhagen University Hospital found that necking coke in large quantities can reduce a man's sperm count to 35 million per millilitre. Given a moderate consumer will have around 56 million per millilitre, you can see how bad coke can fuck your sperm.

The 35 million figure is still within the 'normal' range but a reduced sperm count does raise the risk of eventually becoming infertile.

Researchers claim it has nothing to do with caffeine, as there is no link between the caffeine consumed in coffee or tea and what is in coke. So it means there is another ingredient causing the dip in sperm count.

And that's not the only thing coke does to your genitals. Apparently drinking too much coke can lead to the development of erectile dysfunction.

A can of coke here and there, you'll be fine. If you don't have much sperm or can't get it up, don't blame the coke, that's all on you bro. But if you're smashing the coke back and are having some problems, you know what needs to change.

Look after yourself lads. No messing about when it comes to itchy and scratchy.

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