This Is The Most Messaged Girl On OKCupid, And She Has Some Dating Advice

#1 Lauren Urasek

25-year-old New York makeup artist Lauren Urasek is the most popular woman on Okcupid. She receives almost 250 messages a week and has been rated 5 stars by over 8000 people! She also has some advice for all of you online daters out there.

 #2 Relax

Urasek says that when a potential match's profile seems awesome, it's a great thing. The important thing is not to put all of your eggs in one basket until you've physically met the person you're interested in. And even then, be careful.

 #3 Don't Waste Your Time

Online dating can be a massive time-suck. If you’re having fun drafting witty messages to strangers, more power to you, but be warned: exchanging messages for a long time before you ever meet up can backfire, since you could fall head-over-heels before getting together and realizing, sadly, you have zero chemistry.

 #4 It's Ok To Be Single

Even the “most popular girl on Okcupid" says she’s happily single. So if all your swiping and messaging doesn’t end in happily ever after, that’s fine, too. There’s a ton of pressure on all of us to be in relationships — followed by pressure to get married, have kids, etc.

 #5 A Simple Message

Urasek says wants people to know something: “I want women and girls to know that it’s okay to be single and happy,” she says, “and I think when you’ve found that comfort to be by yourself, that’s when you’re the happiest.” Good luck out there.

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