This Is How To Fly First Class For Free On Your Next Flight

 Picture the scene. You’re going on holiday. It’s probably your only holiday of the year and you’ve been looking forward to it for the past 12 months. 

You’ve packed your bags, printed off your boarding passes, and checked a million times for your passport – but probably the smallest thing on your mind is whether you should be dressing nicely for the flight.

Well all that might be about to change because an expert traveller (which I guess is somebody that just travels a lot) has made the buoyant claim that if you dress nicely, there’s a ruddy good chance you’ll get upgraded, reports The Sun.

 Travelling lady, Sophie Claire-Hoeller, even went so far as to say that you can quite easily get upgraded to first class just for dressing well.

She said:

It’s a nice gesture of respect to show up appropriately dressed – especially when the people working on your flight have had to put on makeup and full-on suits.

Another tip for getting upgraded without having to whip out the tux is to avoid booking a specific seat.

If you’ve picked a specific seat, cabin crew will presume that you’re sorted for the flight and will more than likely avoid asking you whether you’d like to upgrade.

Instead, they’ll turn to those without an allocated seat asking them to upgrade to first class instead.

So if you ask me – don’t book a seat and dress sharp and your holiday will be off to a flying start (sorry).

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