This Is The Big Brother News We've All Been Waiting For

Almost 16 years ago, the hellish reality TV phenomenon Big Brother was born. 

And what a long 16 years it’s been. In the early noughties, it was a brand new concept, which seemed to capture the audience’s imagination.

But as the show got more and more extreme personalities involved, it somehow manage to skip past the point of irritation and go into car-crash telly mode.

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Don’t get me wrong, there were some pretty memorable moments in its infancy, but even then it was guilty pleasure TV – nothing more, nothing less.

So, with that in mind for those who aren’t too fond of the show’s current series, we have some pretty awesome news for you.

Finally, after weeks of tantrums, sexcapades and the ever-growing reality that our society is completely fucked, this nightmare will actually be coming to an end.

That’s right, our prayers have been answered, as this current series will be put out of its misery at the end of July, Channel 5 confirmed – way before it was expected to.

Host Emma Willis did originally seem to confirm the news a few days ago, but bosses have now come out to confirm her confirmation.

A spokesperson for the show told Metro that the series will definitely end at the end of July – despite the fact there are still a staggering 14 housemates left.

That means it would have been on the air for 54 days, making it 12 days shorter than the 2015 series of the show, and 20 days shorter than in 2014.

To be honest, you can kind of understand why they’ve decided to kill this year’s installment off, with a current crop of pseudo celebrities who just don’t seem to be enough to save the dying brand.

We are almost at a point now where we are questioning which contestants haven’t had sex with a Premier League player.

And it has such hideous personalities too, from the professional whopper that is Marco Pierre White Jr and his countless X-rated actions, to the apparent homophobic and racist pasts of several housemates – they pretty much sum up everything that’s wrong with 2016.

Unfortunately, we’re still going to have to endure a series of Celebrity Big Brother later this year.

If only this was actually the end of the show for good. We can dream though, we can dream.

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