This Guy's Tip Could Save You Thousands In Petrol Costs

This video of a motorist revealing what oil companies ‘don’t want you to know’ has now been watched nearly 34 million times on Facebook.

The video blogger named Grant begins by telling viewers that his truck was a certified ‘gas guzzler’ reports The Mirror.

He says he discovered his vehicle was operating at an ‘unacceptable’ 13.6 miles per gallon on the motorway – he’s not kidding

[Source: Youtube]

This is where things get interesting.

Grant claims to have found a way of getting an impressive 56 per cent improvement in his mileage per gallon which – according to him – translates to savings of 56 per cent in his fuel costs.

His solution – he has turned his truck into a ‘water-hybrid’, using only distilled water and a teaspoon of baking soda to improve the efficiency with which his engine burns fuel.

By ‘tickling’ the water with 12 volts of electricity, Grant claims he can separate the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the water – sending gas into the combustion chamber where he used to get a  ‘30 per cent burn’.

Basically, he says that in most petrol vehicles, around 70 per cent of the fuel you put in actually just comes out of the exhaust pipe.

Grant however, claims that using his system results in a 100 per cent burn – bringing emissions down to ‘almost zero’, boosting horse power and saving both fuel and money.

If it’s true you can see why they wouldn’t want you to know…

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