This Guy May Have Beaten Eminem To Become The World's Fastest Rapper

It seems that Eminem may no longer be the ‘fastest rapper’ in the world, with the title potentially being taken by UK rapper Ocean Wisdom. 

That’s right, Ocean’s debut single, Walkin, may have just knocked Eminem’s Rap God from its perch, packing a tongue twisting 932 words into a 3 minute 47 second song.

In making their calculations, Guinness deducted the intro from Eminem’s tune to work out the average ‘words per second’ and concluded he rapped at an impressive 4.31 words per second.

[Source: Youtube]

When this calculation is applied to Walkin – Ocean actually delivers an even faster 4.45 words per second – just about eclipsing Eminem’s speedy delivery.

Ocean’s management have contacted Guinness for verification and are awaiting official comment to confirm whether he has claimed the title.

A previous attempt was made to break the record by Drum n’ Bass MC Harry Shotta, however, he was denied as his song didn’t chart, so couldn’t be categorised as a ‘hit song’.

[Source: Youtube]

Even though Walkin was Ocean’s debut single – it did actually chart in Portugal, Greece and Luxembourg.

His album Chaos 93, which Walkin was lifted from, charted in 17 different territories – including peaking at No. 10 in the UK iTunes Album charts.

The rapper is currently touring Europe – performing at Boom Bap Festival (the UK’s largest hip hop festival) this weekend and later this month is set to perform to a crowd of over 20,000 people at Hip-Hop Kemp – Europe’s largest hip-hop festival – in the Czech Republic.

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