Things That You've Been Using The Wrong Way Your Whole Life

#1 Two Sides

When you see an eraser with two colors, remember the blue part is used for INK pens!

 #2 Like Magic

The large hole on the can cap is for your straw to enter.

 #3 Back Loop

The loop on the back of your shirt is for your hanger to go on, to prevent wrinkling.

#4 Tiny Hole

Inside and outside pressure while flying is regulated with a tiny hole on your plane window...

#5 Not Only For Straining...

The holes in your pasta spoon are used to measure the amount of spaghetti you cook!

 #6 Button Hole

The horizontal button hole at the very top is placed there to prevent your shirt from unbuttoning on top...

#7 Back In The Day

Nope, the small pocket wasn't intended for your coins or was first created to hold a pocket watch!

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