They Find An Elephant In Labor With Her Leg In The Air. Then, They Look Closer And See It...

We’ve grown so accustomed to our way of life that, sometimes, it’s hard to believe that there are billions of creatures that thrive out in the wild each and every day.

When an animal needs a meal, they can’t order delivery. They have to go out into nature and find it for themselves. When an animal needs shelter? They build or find it all on their own. When a mama-to-be is ready to have her baby? It’s just her and nature. No hospitals, no pain medication, and no nurses to monitor the baby afterward.

Being able to witness a natural birth out in the wild is a great, rare gift. Every animal out there is beautiful in its own way, and when a mom gives birth all on her own? There’s nothing else quite like it to remind you of how amazing the circle of life really is.

Wildlife photographer Andrew Schoeman was out snapping some pictures and video when he came across this family of elephants. The group stopped for a moment to watch these gentle giants when they all noticed something a little out of the ordinary about one of the elephants.

One female elephant was right about to give birth to a little baby elephant.

The group stayed a respectable distance away and made sure not to disturb them, but Schoeman captured this beautiful moment on camera so that he could share it with the rest of us.

“What a great privilege to watch this little elephant being born,” Schoeman shared on YouTube. “The first thing I noticed about the little guy was how white the soles of his feet were.”

He returned the next day to see the little one standing up and snuggling with Mom. How sweet?
[Source: Youtube]

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