Their Version Of ‘Footloose’ Is Breathtaking, But Watch What The Man In The White Does…

The Kentucky Vocal Union is a highly skilled barbershop chorus group that has won numerous awards, accolades, and competitions. Once you hear them perform, it’s really easy to see why. They are phenomenal!
In the video below, the group perform in the 2012 International Barbershop Chorus competition. Standing onstage, this group of 36 middle-aged men stun the crowd with their exhilarating rendition of the classic, “Footloose.” Dressed in dark clothing, it seems that they will be performing a somber routine at first, but then they shock everyone when they break out with energy and jiving rhythm. Pretty soon, their strong, harmonious voices rock the entire room, and I’m shouting for an encore.
[Source: Youtube]

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