Their Dog Has Been Lost For 2 Years. But Watch Her Reaction When Mom Gets Out Of The Car

Traveling 700 miles is a very long journey. I don’t care how many songs you sing in your car, or how many stops you make a long away… Traveling that far is a huge commitment.

Alma Dominguez made that commitment to travel to a stranger who just might have found her furry baby.

Two years ago, Dominguez lost her dog in a Texas rainstorm, and every day, she mourned the loss of her cute pup, wondering if she were safe somewhere or had passed away. But two years after her disappearance, she makes a phone call and thinks that she has found her baby, who was taken in by a sweet family in Denver.

She got out of her car in tears when she arrived, full of all of the hope that she had in thinking that she’d finally found her baby, and the worry that she had wondering if her dog would remember her…

Dominguez believes a statement we can all hope to be true: “Dogs don’t forget.” I know we’re all hoping that she’s right.

It’s always amazing to see lost dogs reuniting with their families; let’s hope this is one like the many we’ve enjoyed before…
[Source: Youtube]

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