The 'Panty Challenge' Is Latest Ridiculous Social Media Trend

So you might’ve noticed #PantyChallenge trending like wildfire on Twitter recently. Well this is why it’s fucking pathetic. 

Essentially the panty challenge, which was a household favourite on Snapchat and Instagram before Twitter, involves women of all ages taking pictures of their underwear just after they’ve slipped them down to their ankles – and the challenge is that they’re free from discharge or any other form of stains.

Now, in case you’re wondering, this is complete bullshit and I shall tell you why.

This challenge, and numerous others like it, suggest to women and young girls that discharge is not a normal, healthy part of everyday life as a female – and that you should take pride in having discharge free knickers.

But as you should all be aware, discharge is entirely normal, safe, healthy and natural – ironically, it’s literally the opposite of being ‘dirty’ as it’s the vagina cleaning itself…

Worryingly, viral trends like the panty challenge do bring about some serious consequences such as the recent increase in girls using unsafe vaginal detoxes to try rid their vaginas of discharge all because they think that it’s ‘gross’. 
Now I’m not saying the #pantychallenge is entirely responsible, but it certainly doesn’t help by shaming women who have discharge in their underwear – sorry for producing something natural everyday Snapchat, damn mother nature.

So let’s stop holding up entirely unrealistic and impossible visions of discharge-free vaginas and just celebrate the human form for what it really is. 

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