The Marine's Underwater Helicopter Drill Looks F*cking Terrifying

[Source: Youtube]

A new video has emerged showing just how dangerous it can be to be a Marine – but it also shows just how skilled they are.

According to the YouTube account that posted the video, footage shows the U.S. Marines practicing ditching techniques inside a helo dunker – which is basically just a large metal compartment used to train soldiers for terrifying underwater situations.

The training – which in this video, took place at Camp Hansen in Okinawa, Japan – looks like a person’s worst nightmare.

According to the Royal Navy’s website, the simulation training is actually a lot more complicated than it looks.

After a comprehensive brief from staff, trainees strap themselves into the mock cockpit, which is then rapidly immersed completely underwater. And then they have to figure out how to escape.

But it gets worse.

The simulation is then repeated in the dark and upside down. Yup, the big metal container of doom is flipped to increase the degree of realism, according to the Navy. Then, safety divers block off windows and exits to stimulate becoming jammed, making escape more difficult.

Thankfully, all UK Naval Aircrew carry a Short Term Air Supply System fitted to their jackets when flying in helicopters.

First of all, being in any submerged vehicle is terrifying. Secondly, this is practice and it looks dangerous as hell.

These guys deserve a lot of credit – not only for the work they do, but for the balls it takes to complete the training that goes with it. Incredible.

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