The Inevitable Has Happened As A Result Of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is here and the hype is real, unfortunately some gamers are getting a little carried away on their quest to become a Pokémon master.
It seems that while we here in Blighty wait for the damned game to be released our cousins over the pond are going to all sorts of extremes to catch them all, including accidentally hurting themselves.
Who’d have guessed that playing a game which deliberately draws the player’s attention to their phone while at the same time encouraging them to walk was a bad idea?

[Source: Youtube]

One Redditor posted his story to Reddit last night saying:
Pokémon Go put me in the ER last night. Not even 30 minutes after the release last night, I slipped and fell down a ditch. Fractured the fifth metatarsal bone in my foot, 6-8 weeks for recovery.
I told all the doctors I was walking my dog lol… Watch where you’re going, folks!

As embarrassing as that is he’s far from the only one to be hurt trying to be the best…

Others pointed out that even the legendary Ash Ketchum stumbled when first getting into the harsh world of Pokémon training…

Meanwhile other idiots are already trying to catch Pokémon while driving, forcing Washington’s Department of Transportation to release a statement asking drivers not to play and drive.

You’d think this was common sense but apparently not, what a time to be alive…

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