Teen Walks Home In The Middle Of The Night. But Then This Cop Stops Him And Does THIS...

Teenager Christian Felix was walking home late at night when he was suddenly stopped by a police officer, Sgt. Natalie Simonick. She was patrolling the area when she spotted Christian.
Sgt. Simonick was concerned that Felix might be violating curfew in the dark area that was known to be rather dangerous.
Simonick tells ABCNews.com, “I pulled over and I asked him what he was doing. He said, ‘Walking home, I missed the bus.'” Christian then showed the officer his ID to assure her that he was 18-years-old and allowed to be out this late.
But Sgt. Simonick couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss. She was concerned for Christian, and she offered Christian a ride home when she discovered the shocking truth.
Whenever Christian missed the bus ride home (which wasn’t that rare,) he walked nine miles from his job at McDonald’s to get home. Sgt. Simonick suggested that he get a bike which would make his journey home safer and faster. Christian admitted that he didn’t know how to ride a bike.
Sgt. Simonick says, “He never had a father in his life, so he had no one to teach him. He doesn’t drink and doesn’t smoke. He had never had any contact with police as far as negative contact.”
The police officer then did the unthinkable. She gave him a bike and taught him how to ride it.
“Two of my officers stood on either side of him and pushed him. He was a little wobbly and rode into one of the poles, but my guys were right there to catch him.”
Christian states, “It’s really something when someone comes up on the street and offers to do a kindness for you. These days you don’t see anything like that.”
Now that he has finally learned to ride a bike, he and Sgt. Simonick often ride together. A unique friendship and bond has formed between the two, and it melts my heart to see people helping each other. Even the smallest deeds can have the greatest impact.
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